This is the full off-season program for high school, college and pro players. This manual guides you through a 10 week off-season speed, strength, skill and fitness progression with a calendar view outlining what to do each day. 

This manual includes:

  • Progressions from quick feet patterns to explosive agility
  • Body weight, dumbbell and barbell strength exercises
  • Medicine ball training for dynamic power
  • Ball control programs to build confidence and creativity
  • Passing workouts to control touches, turns and precision
  • Skill combinations from single player to multiplayer drills
  • Fitness progressions for aerobic base and repeated speed

This program is broken down into 4 phases, starting with the bottom 5 modules in the RISE app (Passing, Ball Control, Quickness, Speed-Strength and General Strength). In phase 2 and 3 of the program the program progresses to more dynamic strength, power and agility on the strength side, and quick, creative combinations with the ball on the skill side. Then in phase 4 we back things off a bit and focus on recovering and fine tuning key skills before the pre-season practices start.

Click the link below to download the program:

Download the Strength Manual (PDF)