All messages are stored in the bell icon in the upper left hand corner of the Athlete Dashboard. This is where you can find any programs you've downloaded, or any communication you have had with your RISE Coach. 

If you want to go back and view a previous message, click on the bell icon. 



This screen shows what phase you are currently in (to go back to a previous phase, click that phase at the top of this screen). Scroll down to view all of the exercises and your current rating for each exercise (if you have done this workout before).  

The bottom of the page contains Supplemental Workouts you can come back to later. Supplemental workouts allow you to focus in on a specific aspect. They also allow you to challenge yourself or find lighter versions of the workout for recovery days or for athletes easing back into training after an injury.



Watch the video before performing the exercise, then rank your performance with 1-4 STARS. This is how the app can be used to guide your development. Once you rate yourself 4 STARS in every exercise in a phase, the next phase will be unlocked. Each phase gets progressively more advanced and challenges you with new exercises. Use this rating system to determine your confidence.



The SKIP EXERCISE button allows you to skip the current exercise and move on to the next exercise without completing and ranking it. This will be used when you only want to do a portion of a workout. However, skipping exercises will give you a "0 STAR Rating" which will not allow you to move on to the next phase in that module.

If you accidentally skip an exercise, you can use the BACK button in the upper left hand corner to go back to previous exercises. 


If the "MUTE BUTTON" on your phone is turned on, the videos will not have sound. To hear the sound in the videos, turn on the volume button before watching the videos.


As you progress through each phase, your progress bars around each module will start to grow (GREEN bars around the pyramid modules). When the bar grows completely around the module, you will have completed all 3 phases.

The Skill, Speed & Strength Track bars around your photo will also grow as you continue to master new exercises.