This 6 week skill program is designed to improve every aspect of ball mastery from passing and first touch work, to creative touches and dynamic ball control. This program can used during the season or in the off season—complete with a calendar view that outlines what to do each day based on your desired time commitment.

This manual includes:

  • Quickness workouts that enhance the speed and control of every touch
  • Footwork drills that give you confidence with all surfaces of the foot
  • Passing drills that are designed to improve your first touch and accuracy
  • Passing combination workouts that incorporate movement on & off the ball
  • Dynamic skill workouts to improve your ability to attack with creativity

This program utilizes a combination of all three Phases and multiple Supplemental workouts, giving players the ability to work through the program in a progressive manner. After building a strong foundation of footwork, passing, and quickness in the first few weeks, players will move on to the more advanced workouts that blend all  aspects of training as they continue their journey towards ball mastery.

Click the link below to download the program:

Download the Skill & Quickness Program (PDF)