This guided program will take you through the Passing and Passing Combos programs in the RISE app, using the first few phases and supplemental workouts to build confidence in your ability to hit targets, turn and open up with control and precision.

This manual includes:

  • On & off ball quickness patterns for footwork & body control
  • Rhythmic passing patterns to confident with the ball
  • Opening up progressions to control your first touch
  • Off ball patterns to create angles for attacking passes
  • Quick footwork patterns off the pass to turn & create space
  • Multi-wall, or multi-player passing combinations
  • Fitness circuits blending passing, agility and touch control

This program is broken down into 3 phases, starting with confident control in rhythmic passing and first touch, then building into combination passing and angled targets, then finishes with creative combinations, turn and quick repositioning techniques to get out of tight spaces with control and precision.

Click the link below to download the program:

Download the Passing & First Touch (PDF)