This video gives a brief tutorial on how to access your workouts inside the RISE app. 

When you open the app, hit continue and your player dashboard will open up. From here you can view the training pyramid (where your workouts are located) and see how much progress you have made in each module.

Click on any module to see what phase you're in along with a list of exercises from the workout overview screen. Click start workout, watch the video, perform the exercise and rate your confidence to move on.


From the Overview Screen you will see everything you need to know about this phase. 

  • Current Phase & Locked Phases show you how close you are to mastering this module and moving on...
  • Number of Attempts & Current Phase Rating show you how often you have performed workouts in this phase, and how you have scored (out of 4-STARS).
  • The List of Exercises show you what to expect in this phase
  • The Last Attempt shows you your last rating...this is helpful in letting you know which exercises you have mastered and which exercises are holding you back.
  • Supplemental Workouts & Educational Videos are here to broaden your foundation and let you learn a little more about each exercise in this phase. 

The Supplemental Workouts will change from time to time. When we add new programs or create new progressions we put them in the supplemental section. If you have questions and message us through the app, we can add new workouts to help you...this is where you will find them.

Once you have reviewed the workout and decided on a plan for the day, you can click the START WORKOUT button at the top, or click on one of the Supplemental Workouts to get started. This will take you to the Workout Screen.



After clicking START WORKOUT, you will be taken directly into the first exercise screen (shown in the second image here). Read the short text to determine sets, reps, rest time and the goal of the exercise, then click the play button on the video to get coaching cues and see an athlete perform the exercise.

After performing the exercise, you will need to rate yourself using the CONFIDENCE rating feature. 

  1. One STAR - No Good Reps
  2. Two STARS - A Few Good Reps
  3. Three STARS - Most Reps Were Good
  4. Four STARS - All Reps Were Perfect

Then select NEXT EXERCISE and progress on through the workout.



When you have finished all the exercises in your workout, you will be taken to this screen. This screen will give you a score out of 4-STARS, letting you know how close you are to completing this phase, as well as any new skills mastered. 

Below these scores, you will see some additional Supplemental Workouts that will help you improve, or master even more skills. We suggest doing these workouts from time to time to mix things up, while still working towards your goals.



When you go back to your dashboard, you will notice that some things have changed. You will see any new Skills Mastered show up, and you will have started a Day Streak. Your Calendar View will show which module you trained on that day.

If you rated yourself a Confidence Score of 4-STARS in any exercises, you will see progress bars start to build around the module (at the bottom) and around your profile picture.

Red Bars indicate progress in the Strength Track, Yellow Bars represent Skill and Green Bars represent Speed. Some modules (like Quickness) fall into multiple tracks because the exercises in Quickness will help with your speed, skill and strength.