RISE is a combination of programs created for thousands of athletes over the last 15+ years. From youth players to World Cup champions, these programs have been designed for players at all levels, and is used by some of the best players in the world. 

The goal was to combine all of these programs into a developmental system that could build confidence and competitiveness in every aspect of the game, and deliver this to athletes all over the world, quickly and inexpensively.

"By integrating the physical skills with technical skills in a fast paced, high intensity environment that challenges the players to move skillfully, think quickly and react tactically, our video based training app puts you in control of your development." - Scott Moody



Scott Moody is the founder and CEO of AthleteFIT, an athletic performance and research center in Overland Park, Kansas. Moody has used his FIT (Functionally Integrated Training) method to bridge the gap between the athletic, physical skills and technical, tactical application of those skills in unique and innovative ways.

This blend of speed and technical performance has been the focal point of his training philosophy since 1997, and has been used to train thousands of athletes, many of which have won championships on the High School, Club, College and Professional Level, including World Cup Champions, Olympic Medalists and World Record Holders.

Moody’s GameSPEED training and testing systems have become a sought after resource by thousands of coaches in over 30 countries.



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The app is a great tool for any player at ANY level! The detailed commentary provided for each exercise, eliminates confusion and gives a thorough explanation as to how an exercise can improve my game."

Sydney Miramontez
Professional Soccer Player (NWSL)

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I feel better doing the soccer specific movements, and not just putting a ton of weight on a bar. And it’s great to be able to watch the videos so I know exactly what I’m doing.

Adelaide Gay
Professional Soccer Player

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"I have enjoyed using RISE. It guides me through a session, and allows me to work at my current level. The more I progress through each challenging phase, the more improvement I see."

Nicole Barnhart
Former USWNT Goalkeeper & 2013 NWSL Goalkeeper of the year

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I have enjoyed using the RISE app over the off season. It kept me engaged and excited about training as I prepared for camp.

Maegan Kelly
Canadian National Team and NWSL Professional Player