RISE is a combination of programs created for thousands of athletes over the last 15+ years. From youth players to World Cup champions, these programs have been designed for players at all levels, and is used by some of the best players in the world. 

The goal was to combine all of these programs into a developmental system that could build confidence and competitiveness in every aspect of the game, and deliver this to athletes all over the world, quickly and inexpensively.

"By integrating the physical skills with technical skills in a fast paced, high intensity environment that challenges the players to move skillfully, think quickly and react tactically, our video based training app puts you in control of your development."  Scott Moody




Scott Moody is the founder and CEO of AthleteFIT, an athletic performance and research center in Overland Park, Kansas. Moody has used his FIT (Functionally Integrated Training) method to bridge the gap between the athletic, physical skills and technical, tactical application of those skills in unique and innovative ways.

This blend of speed and technical performance has been the focal point of his training philosophy since 1997, and has been used to train thousands of athletes, many of which have won championships on the High School, Club, College and Professional Level, including World Cup Champions, Olympic Medalists and World Record Holders.

Moody’s GameSPEED training and testing systems have become a sought after resource by thousands of coaches in over 30 countries.




We wanted to combine our existing training programs and online coaches workshops into an easy to use app that could guide training and learning outside of our facility.

We worked through a plan to combine our GameSPEED Training Pyramid with educational coaching videos so that both players and coaches could get a clear picture of this process. The result was a complete plan for coaching and training speed, skill, strength and fitness in our functionally integrated method.

RISE was born...



We wanted more than a simple training plan...We wanted a fun and motivational app that the players could interact with in a dynamic way. 

We also wanted the players to feel like they were training with us live and in person. We shot videos as if the player in the video was going through our program, coaching and cueing the player just as we would in one of our sessions. Every exercise is taught, cued and progressed in this way... 

As the player progress, they will see new levels unlock. Progress bars track improvement and the dynamic pyramid engages and motivates the player to improve and advance.