Get stronger, faster and more explosive.  Our STRENGTH PROGRAM is designed to enhance soccer specific speed – with every exercise designed to impact your quickness, explosiveness, deceleration and body control. 

  • Become stronger, more athletic and the most explosive player on the field
  • Progress from body control to athletic power and speed
  • Improve your explosive agility & power endurance - giving you the ability to last longer and perform with more power later in games

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If a player can become stronger and more physically explosive as they move on the field, they will most likely move at a faster pace to cover more ground and stop more efficiently with balanced body control.

Being strong and athletic enough to quickly stop in a balanced, athletic position can give a player a few tenths of a second to process the situation before receiving a pass or defending another player. This is how strength impacts Speed of Play.

As players get stronger their confidence improves. Confidence has a huge impact on playing faster.  If you trust that you are strong enough to control the situations you get into, you tend to play more aggressively.



When you purchase the STRENGTH PROGRAM you instantly get access to all 7 Strength & Speed training modules in the RISE App – a personalized, dynamic & interactive elite player development training tool.

With over 50 dynamic workouts and over 300 different training exercises, we’ll guide you through each exercise with detailed instructional videos, coaching and cueing you as if you were going through one of our training sessions.  As you progress, you’ll get access to more challenging skills and workouts, all designed to help you improve and advance



For the price of a single training session with a personal coach, you can have access to our entire video based training program for life.  When you purchase the STRENGTH PROGRAM you’ll receive: 


      ✅   Over 500 Videos

      ✅   300+ Skills to Master

      ✅   50+ Workouts

      ✅   7 Training Modules

                  ᐈ Speed Strength     ᐈ Explosive Agility

                  ᐈ Quickness               ᐈ Athletic Power

                  ᐈ Speed                       ᐈ General Strength

                  ᐈ Power Endurance       

Buy Now $49.95