Enhance speed & skill simultaneously with the SKILL PROGRAM. The SKILL PROGRAM is designed to improve every aspect of ball mastery from passing & first touch work, to creative touches and dynamic speed.  

  • Build balance, stability & rhythm
  • Perfect touches w/ all surfaces of the foot
  • Improve on & off the ball quickness
  • Develop a dynamic ability to attack with creativity
  • Dominate in 1 v 1's & possession games as your confidence & speed improves

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As a player improves his or her first touch, and can place the ball with directionally specific, perfectly weighted accuracy, it buys them time (and space) to make better decisions.  The player tends to trust their touch more which allows them to think about what they are going to do next.  This forward thinking ability makes it easier for them to play faster.

If a player is confident with the ball at their feet, they don’t immediately look for an exit strategy or a quick outlet pass, but instead are more patient, and can quickly find the best tactical option, improving their speed of play.

Our confident players tend to use less tricks and instead speed up the game with quick, skillful decisions.



When you purchase the SKILL PROGRAM you instantly get access to all 7 Skill & Speed training modules in the RISE App – a personalized, dynamic & interactive elite player development training tool.

With over 50 dynamic workouts and over 350 different training exercises, we’ll guide you through each exercise with detailed instructional videos, coaching and cueing you as if you were going through one of our training sessions.  As you progress, you’ll get access to more challenging skills and workouts, all designed to help you improve and advance



For the price of a single training session with a personal coach, you can have access to our entire video based Skill training program for life.  When you purchase the RISE SKILL PROGRAM you’ll receive: 


       ✅   Over 600 Videos

       ✅   350+ Skills to Master

       ✅   50+ Workouts

       ✅   7 Training Modules

                    ᐈ Passing                ᐈ Quick Skills

                    ᐈ Ball Control         ᐈ Speed

                    ᐈ Quickness           ᐈ Soccer Fitness

                    ᐈ Passing Combos         


Buy Now $49.95