The entire RISE system is delivered right to your phone – Programs, Player Tracking and Workshop Videos that teach you where to look, what to look for and how to progress each exercise. The coaching modules of the RISE App are redefining the way coaches learn, teach and evolve.

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All players want to improve, and they look to you for help. But finding time to make a significant impact on your players can be challenging with multiple teams, family and your normal daily grind. With the RISE app you can improve your knowledge base, provide a developmental program for your players, and save time and energy. RISE provides you with...

Complete Warm Ups
Expanded Drill Selection
Homework For Your Players

and Coaches Workshops for...

Athletic Technical Skill
Speed & Agility
Strength & Power



Both you and your players can take advantage of the RISE app while you are away from the field. For you, we have put all of our Soccer Coaches Workshops into the Supplemental Section of each module. This is where you can go to learn a little more about how to progress exercises & drills, how to add a more athletic emphasis to your skill, or how to introduce new dynamic warm ups into your practice sessions.

From the player perspective, RISE gives you the ability to provide specific and targeted drill instruction for your players while they are away. Here are just a few...

Extra Speed & Agility Work
Ball Control & Quick Skills
First Touch & Passing Combos
Fitness & Strength Programs


Off-Season & Pre-Season Workouts


RISE provides coaches with a way to track their players’ progress – giving you a real-time, inside look at who’s doing the homework and who’s not. This Admin Portal is available to all coaches who have signed up a team.

Additionally, the RISE In-App Messaging System allows you to connect directly to a RISE coach where you can request:

Program Templates
Testing Charts & Graphs
New Drills or
Guided Plans Seasonal Programs

These items are delivered right to your App Dashboard upon request and are stored there for easy access. These documents can also be downloaded and distributed directly to your team.


Contact us today to see how you can get your team signed up to use the RISE app, and gain instant access to our entire system.