All players want to improve, and they look to you for help. But finding time to make a significant impact on your players can be challenging with multiple teams, family and your daily demands. With the RISE app you can improve your knowledge base, provide a developmental program for your players, and save time and energy. The Coaches Program will help you:

ᐈ  Create better players that are faster, fitter, stronger & more confident

ᐈ  Create a better training environment that:

       ◦  Challenges players to compete harder and last longer

       ◦. Develops players that play faster and with a more efficient touch

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The entire COACHES PROGRAM is delivered right to your phone with the RISE app – Video Based Training Sessions, Coaches Workshops, and an inside look into our GameSpeed Camps to show you how we run integrated speed & skill training sessions with teams and large groups. The coaching modules of the RISE App are redefining the way coaches access information, updated quarterly and delivered right to your phone. With the Coaches Program you receive:


ᐈ All 12 Player Training Modules

     ◦  Over 110 Workouts & 1,200+ Drills & Exercises to Coach

ᐈ Our Entire Educational System

     ◦  Our philosophy, goals, coaching cues & progressions w/ each exercise & each skill set

ᐈ The GameSpeed Coaches Course

     ◦  A 3-day workshop that we've presented to coaches all over the world

     ◦  With a focus on skill AND athleticism, the workshop helps coaches know what to look for, how to progress, how to cue your athletes and how to develop an athletic emphasis in your skills & strength training

ᐈ Access to our Team Sessions

     ◦  An in-depth look at how we work with large groups & teams



When you purchase the COACHES PROGRAM you instantly get access to all 12 speed, skill and strength training modules in the RISE App – a personalized, dynamic & interactive elite player development training tool. 

You also get 3 Coaching Modules dedicated to helping coaches increase their knowledge base,  expand their current drill selection, and improve their ability to provide homework to all of their players outside of practice.

With over 110 dynamic workouts and over 1,200 different training exercises, we’ll guide you through each exercise with detailed instructional videos, coaching and cueing you as if you were going through one of our training sessions. As your players progress, we’ll provide you with even more challenging skills and workouts, all designed to help your players improve and advance.



For the price of a single coaches workshop, you can have access to our entire video based training program for life.  When you purchase the COACHES PROGRAM you’ll receive: 


       ✅   Over 1,200 Videos

       ✅   750+ Skills & Drills to Coach

       ✅   110+ Workouts

       ✅   15 Training Modules

                    ᐈ Passing                ᐈ Explosive Agility

                    ᐈ Ball Control         ᐈ Power Endurance

                    ᐈ Quickness           ᐈ Soccer Fitness

                    ᐈ Passing Combos    ᐈ Athletic Power

                    ᐈ Quick Skills         ᐈ Speed Strength

                    ᐈ Speed                   ᐈ General Strength

                    ᐈ Coaching Skill    ᐈ Team Sessions

                    ᐈ Coaching Athleticism


 Buy Now $99.95