Due to the mass quarantine restrictions and cancellations of team activities, AthleteFIT and RISE Futbol have launched a program that players can do at home in small spaces with nothing more than a ball. 

For as little as $500 per club, your players and coaches can receive access to the Full RISE Training Program.  This full developmental system is designed for players at all levels and consists of 12 speed, skill and strength training modules delivered right to your phone through the RISE App – a personalized, dynamic & interactive elite player development training tool.  As part of this offer, players and coaches would receive access to the full training program the next calendar year.

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Players get access to the entire RISE Training program. This program includes over 1,000 different training exercises, organized into a developmental progression for speed, skill and strength.

Passing | Ball Control | Passing Combos
Quickness | Quick Skills | Explosive Agility
Speed Strength | General Strength
Power Endurance | Athletic Power
Soccer Speed | Soccer Fitness

Each player can progress at his or her own pace with our phase by phase progression and confidence rating system. As a player masters specific exercises, new workouts and programs are unlocked to challenge their skill, speed, strength and fitness.

This training system is currently used by players of every level from recreational to professional.



Coaches get access to our entire system, drill database, coaches course videos, team session videos and full program PDF's for off-season & in-season speed, skill, strength and fitness. This includes...

Hours of Educational Video Content
GameSPEED Coaches Course
Warm Ups | Integrated Speed-Skill Sessions
Homework Packets for Players


This is the perfect option for parents-coaches of young players or recreational teams to get access to a full database of exercises, team activities and developmental progressions for speed, skill and body control. 

As a club, you can provide your youth level coaches and their parents with a tool to help their young players build confidence in how they control the ball and the coordination to control their body...helping them reduce the risk of injury and improve soccer specific performance.



Coaches can provide guided programs to their teams for homework, off-season strength, speed, skill and fitness, and track their players improvement season to season.

This is a great way to help coaches develop their players with individual attention.


Now clubs or organizations can offer a complete program to players, parents and coaches (from recreation to academy level) using the RISE elite soccer app. Benefits include...

App Personalized with Club-Team Logo
Age-Level Specific Developmental Programs
Access to a RISE coach for questions
Customized Warm Ups | Training Plans
Video Based Coaches Workshops

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